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Step 4 – Create ad

In the following article you will be guided through the fourth step of building a campaign with Filed: Creating an ad.

Select Page

For this section, you will have to select the Facebook page that will be linked to the advert. If there isn’t an Instagram account connected to it, we will ask you to add one.



You will be asked how you would like to create your ad variation, manually or automatically.

You will then be able to choose a format; these will become available depending on previous selections you will have made. The formats we offer are: Video, Carousel, Single Image and Slideshow.

After this, go onto the next card. You will be asked to add an image or video, which will open up a pop-up where you will be able to upload content, access your previously used content, or use existing ads from your page.

Once you select your image or video, you will have to fill in the mandatory fields, such as headline, body of text and your website URL. You will also have the option of including the display link and a call to action. In the advanced options you will find a tool which allows you to build a URL parameter.

A preview of how your ad will look will be displayed at all times, you can change the view by devices and placements.


Single image

Use high-quality visuals to grab your audience’s attention. Make sure that your visuals are not text heavy, as Facebook will penalize your ad if it contains more than 20% text.



Show off product features and draw people in with sound and motion video.



Slideshow ads are video-like ads that use a series of still images and effects that show motion, play sound, and display text to showcase your story.



Showcase between 2 and 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. We recommend using this format when displaying various products.