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Step 3 - Targeting

In the following article you will be guided through the third step of building a campaign with Filed: Setting your target audience.


When setting your target audience, the first option you will have is to select a saved audience, where you will find all the audiences you have previously saved.

You will also be able to select a custom or lookalike audience.

If you want to create a new audience, you can start by adding interests. You can select your own or used some of our suggested interests.

You can exclude audiences if needed.


KB 5


Add Connection

Connections targeting is a tool that helps you find your audience based on how they're connected to your business.

Select one of the options displayed on the drop down.


Gender & Age

Select the gender and age of your audience.



Select a language from the drop down or type the one/s you want to select. You will also be able to add languages in bulk.





Finally, select the location/s you want to target. You can include and exclude as many locations as needed. In the preferences section you will find options to refine whether the user lives, is travelling or recently visited the selected location.