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Step 2 - Placement and Budget

In the following article you will be guided through the second step of building a campaign with Filed: selecting placements and setting your budget.

Name your Ad Set

Just like for your campaign, we will automatically name your Ad Set according to the selected objective.


Select a Page

This will only be available when you select Page Likes in the Engagement objective.


Select a Pixel

This will only be available with Conversion objectives.


Select an App

This will only be available with app-related objectives.


Choose your Placements

We will automatically select placements for you, based on where your audience is most likely to perform. If you would like to manually choose placements, select the manual option. You will find all placements available divided by platform.

You will also have the option of selecting just Desktop or Mobile devices.

In the advanced options, you will be able to select specific mobile devices to show your ads to, and whether they should be connected to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.



Allocate a Budget

You can choose between daily or lifetime budget. The daily budget is the amount you want to spend every day. Lifetime budget is the amount you want to spend in total for that specific campaign. If you select this last one, you will have to select the start and end date.

For both options, you will have to select if you want to run the campaign all the time or set a schedule. The schedule you set can be set for the viewer’s or the account’s time zone.