Managing/Optimising your Product catalogues

Step 1: Navigate to the manage section of the Feed Management Tab to see all your imported product catalogues.  

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Step 2: Select the product catalogue you wish to manage to view the catalogue dashboard. Users can optimise their Data Feed here by creating Sets, making in line edits, adding new fields/Columns, rectifying Issues and changing synchronisation settings. 


Step 3 - Create Sets: A user can make either quick sets or smart sets.  

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Quick sets: Here user can simply select which products items they wish to include in their product set 

Smart Sets: Here users can create a logic as displayed below that classifies which products are included in the set created  


Step 4 - Inline Edits: Her users can double click on the product data aspect that they wish to change and simply type in the amendment.  


Step 5 - Add New Field: Here users can create a new field for their product feed by clicking the actions button and selecting add field. From here the user will be asked to create a new field by creating a logic flow as demonstrated below. The new field will then be created based upon the inputted logic.  


Step 6 - Issue Resolution: Our software will automatically analyse the imported and exported Data feeds and detect any Errors or Issues within your Feed. As seen above issues count and a health infographic display the data feeds errors. To resolve the issues, click on the Issue count to open up the issue dashboard. Issues can be resolved by making inline edits directly on the product error.  


Step 7: Manage how often your catalogue is syndicating your product data to your export channels by clicking the cogs on the right-hand side of the catalogue.